Scale Your Company through Channel Partnerships

Do you have a special and unique product in your marketplace but unsure how to get more of the right customers who appreciate the quality and impact of what you offer?

What would it mean for your business growth if you could...

quickly scale to a larger number of customers who need your services, want them now and can afford to pay for them.

If you have a well-established brand, a robust network, an existing tribe that is enthusiastic about your product or services, and numerous client success stories, then building channel partnerships may be your solution to rapid scale.

Seasoned entrepreneur and marketing consultant, Derek champagne, has built channel partnerships that have resulted in millions of realized revenue, lightning fast sales cycles, and higher retention from customers who need it, want it, and are willing to pay for it.

What is a channel

A channel partnership is a relationship with a trusted partner who has a high level of your ideal customers and makes a warm introduction of your product or services to their coveted customer base. This partner finds significant value in your unique service and the way that you deliver it as part of a mutually beneficial partnership.

How does it work?

Derek works closely with your business to build a custom partnership program. This includes an audit your existing relationships, customizing your positioning and messaging to prospective channel partners, creating trust pillars, creating necessary communication tools (i.e. compelling video/landing page, partner pitch), and strategies for making the relationship a success.
Program investment is $25k.

Derek is also available to assist in actual partnership pitch and presentation meetings to help guide to a successful deal.
Additional $25k investment (3 month engagement).


If your company has not received a serious partnership consideration at the end of the 3-month engagement, Derek will stay on board with your team (at no additional cost) until a partnership is realized. 

Let’s Discuss More

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